S2: E8: Pan-American Soul: Surf Trip from California to Brazil by Moto with Adrian Kojin

For Episode 8, I sit down with Brazilian surfer, motorcyclist,  journeyman, and author of “Pan-American Soul: Searching for the Meaning of Life on a Surf Trip from California to Brazil,” Adrian Kojin. Adrian and I talk about his surfing motorcycle foray through Latin America in the late 1980s as well as his more recent experience, which was a reboot of that original trip. We also chat about whether or not he managed to find “the meaning of life” during his epic journey.

Adrian’s book is featured on surfinghistorian.com.

You can also read more about his adventures at Surfline.


Artwork by Nacer Ahmadi: IG @nacerfilez

Production by TwistedLogix and Morrisound Studios

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