S2: E11: Philosophical Reflections on Water with Ignacio Iturralde

For this episode, social anthropologist and founder of “The PhiloSurfer Club,” Dr. Ignacio Iturralde, and I explore surfing and its connection to philosophical thought, looking at how powerful the ocean metaphor is as an energy and dimension that transcends us, that is bigger than us, and that we can’t control.

We also chat about his current philosophical research project, which focuses on the intersectionality of surfing culture and philosophy, as well as his forthcoming book, Philosophical Reflections on Water—a book that dives into the transformative potential of philosophy and surfing as self-improvement disciplines.

The book itself has a threefold objective: to cultivate self-awareness within the surfing community; to engage a broader audience in philosophy by leveraging the allure of surfing; and to ultimately achieve a state of what he calls “wateraxia” – or “a stoked state of mind that empowers individuals to navigate the political turmoil and polarization of our hyper-individualized digital era.”

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Artwork by Nacer Ahmadi: IG @nacerfilez

Production by TwistedLogix and Morrisound Studios

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